FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact a maintainer of the site with feedback?

There are a couple of ways to get in touch with a maintainer. First, if you are a member of the Tsalagi Sgadugi Discord, there is a cherokee-language-exercises channel. Second, you can email me directly at charliemcvicker@protonmail.com.

Can I use Hanehlda! on my phone or tablet?

In short, yes! While previously Hanehlda! did not work on mobile devices, the site is now accessible on phones, tablets, and computers! It works best when connected to Wi-Fi. When using the site on a mobile device, you must hit the ‘listen’ button to get audio to work.

Something looks wrong in one of the terms. Is it just me?

Probably not! Our content is curated by community members. We are all human and typos are not uncommon. If something looks wrong, please flag an issue so we can improve the quality of the content on the site. If you see a lot of issues, consider reaching out to a maintainer and becoming part of the content curation team!

Where does the content on the site come from? When/how will more content become available?

All of our content is made available under a Creative-Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Much of our content comes from Cherokee Nation (eg. See-Say-Write) and was acquired under a CC by NC-SA license by Tim Orr directly from Roy Boney of the Cherokee Nation Language Department. Other materials were acquired under this license directly from their creators (eg. JW’s living phrases). It is important to note that while our audio comes from first-language speakers, data entry is often done by second-language learners, and so participating in the process by flagging issues is an important part of using this project.

New content becomes available as speakers contribute audio and as the project finds time to do data entry (typing up all the syllabary, phonetics, and translations). If you are interested in helping make more content available, please reach out to a maintainer to learn more about our data entry process.

If you have access to audio materials under a Creative-Commons license and would like to contribute them to the site, please contact a maintainer!

Currently on the long list for new content is:

  • We Are Learning Cherokee (Cherokee Nation) – in progress
  • Custom vocabulary sets from first-language speakers
  • Dialogues between speakers
  • Phrase-by-phrase recordings of stories

My question isn’t here! What should I do?

Reach out! Contact info is at the top of this page.